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Investment Proposition

The UK government allows individuals to make their own decision in term of their future pension. Investments through Self-Invested Personal Pension schemes give the possibility to reduce or cancel the tax burden that similar investments would have without being included in such a Personal Pension Plan.

Commercial properties are within the category not subject to a tax charge and Dental Practises are categorised under this section. On the other hand, in the last several years the UK government has considerably decreased the amount of resource that individuals can allocate with this purpose and other structures are more appropriate in case of multiple purchase of UK property for investment purposes.

Corporate and trust structures enable the mitigation and elimination of UK taxation on the acquisition, holding and subsequent disposal of UK Dental Property.

In this case several structures are available to clients based on their individual personal circumstances and Wilton Isle of Man specialists can set up and implement a vast range of offshore structures with this purpose.

Some client could also consider the possibility of spreading the already moderate risk represented by a property investment by deciding to acquire a share in a portfolio of properties.

Dental Property Investments has relationships with all the major lenders in the dental property sector and is therefore able to source and process finance in a timely and efficient manner.